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1x Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee (12oz bag)
1x Rum Cake
3x Chocolate Bars
1x Bean Pouch
1x Box of Chocolate Ganaches (16pcs.)
1x Box of Chocolate Ganaches (4pcs.)

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About the Coffee:

This 100% AUTHENTIC Jamaican Blue Mountain sun-dried coffee hails from the Clifton Estate and Clydesdale Estate farms in the Blue Mountain region of Jamaica.

It boasts the perfect and delicate balance of acidity, body, and aroma.

Its acidity is bright and delicate, its body is gentle and velvety, its aroma is softly penetrating and sweet with floral, spicy, and citric undertones.

There is a presence of cocoa undertones in its aftertaste as well.

Best prepared French-Press style and manually grinded while listening to Bob Marley’s ‘Stir It Up’!

About the Rum Cake:

I mean, it’s rum…inside a cake…with coffee…nuff said! Enjoy!

*May contain traces of nuts

About the Chocolate Bar:

Dark 64% Cacao – Bitter dark chocolate with toasted notes with a powerful taste of cocoa delicately enhanced by a hint of coffee and chestnut with delicious bursts of coffee beans.

Milk 38% Cacao – Creamy and cocoa milk chocolate, with notes of vanilla with delicious splinters of coffee beans.

White – Deliciously creamy white chocolate, a nice sweet intensity and gourmet notes of caramel and vanilla with delicious bursts of coffee beans.

About the Bean Pouch:

Delicious bursts of coffee beans coated in 64% bitter dark chocolate with toasted notes with a powerful cocoa taste delicately enhanced by a hint of coffee and chestnut.

About the Ganaches:

Dark – Dark chocolate from Afrique de l’Ouest and Bourbon vanilla ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate.

Coconut – Almond and hazelnut praliné with grilled grated coconut enrobed in milk chocolate.

Spicy – Chocolate and chili pepper ganache enrobed in dark chocolate.

Rum – Semi-liquid caramel with a delicious note of spiced rum.

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The best coffee in the world from two of the best Jamaican estates

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Whole Bean


Dark, Milk, White

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